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Gaming computers are idle most of they day. 3D design, video processing rigs are idle most of the night. It is a real shame that those high end resources get old without realizing their potential.

We mobilize this potential energy with AI apps, earning money to their owners, saving money for AI apps.

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Use Cases


Answering hardest questions. Correcting grammar. Writing poems. Giving ideas for present. There is nothing that LLMs can't do.



Creating funny images. Creating art. Inspiring your creativity. Unleash the power of image generation.

Demo (Coming)

Chat Bots

Let your customers ask questions with their own words, give them correct answers.

Demo (Coming)

Your Custom Model

Upload your propriety model, let your braind child run across the globe on high end compute resources.

Demo (Coming)

AI Apps

Come use our off-the shelf generative AI endpoints or deploy your docker images (for free until the mainnet).

Node Runners

Are you a gamer? 3D designer? Video Editor? Is your computer off at nights or during school? Rent your GPU to others when not in use and earn KNS coins. We simplified everything so it is a seamless experience for you.