AI Infrastructure; 
For the People, 
By the People.

Welcome to Kinesis Network

Kinesis Network is where the frontier of AI meets the power of decentralization. Our mission is simple: to provide the best decentralized GPU service on planet Earth, owned and powered by the people. By tapping into the power of idle GPUs worldwide, we're building a community-driven ecosystem where GPU owners and AI companies team up to drive innovation.
Join us as we empower individuals to profit from the infrastructure that fuels cutting-edge AI technology, while providing AI companies with affordable GPU access free from centralized control.
Together, we redefine the future of AI computing.

Empowering AI Innovation

Cost Efficiency

Experience unparalleled cost efficiency with Kinesis Network. Our decentralized GPU service delivers savings of 75-95% compared to centralized alternatives, allowing you to optimize your budget without compromising on performance. Say goodbye to hefty bills and hello to affordable AI computing.

Serverless Architecture

Embrace simplicity with our serverless architecture. With Kinesis Network, you can focus on your AI projects without the hassle of managing instances. Just upload your dockerized images and let our decentralized network handle the rest. Enjoy seamless scalability and efficiency without the overhead of traditional server management.

Flexible Cloud Models

Experience unparalleled flexibility with Kinesis Network's cloud offerings. Opt for Kinesis Global to access our extensive network of public nodes, ensuring reliable GPU availability worldwide. Alternatively, choose Kinesis Premium, backed by top cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google, Hyperstack and more. Customize your cloud environment by selecting single or multiple providers, or even bring your own infrastructure for ultimate flexibility and control.

Environmental Sustainability

Make a positive impact on the planet with Kinesis Network. Our decentralized approach utilizes idle GPUs, reducing e-waste and promoting environmental sustainability. By harnessing underutilized resources, we minimize our carbon footprint while powering the future of AI computing responsibly.

Power Your AI App

Up to 90% Cost Savings

100% Uptime

<100ms Avg. Latency

Your App is Live in <5 mins

Monetize Your Idle Resources

Earn Passive Income with Your Idle GPUs

Turn your idle GPUs into a source of passive income with Kinesis Network. Whether you're away from your computer, catching up on sleep, or simply not using your GPU, let it generate revenue by contributing to our decentralized network. Every moment counts towards maximizing your earnings, as you get paid for the exact duration your GPU is consumed, down to the millisecond.

Your Computer, Your Decision

You dictate when and how much your GPU contributes to the network—ensuring total control over your computing resources. Choose which regions to serve, set limits on usage, and select specific categories of AI applications or companies you wish to support. With Kinesis, it's your computer, your decision.

Secure and Sandbox Environment

Rest assured knowing that your GPU and personal data are completely secure with Kinesis Network. Our system is built on a foundation of 100% security and sandboxing, ensuring that your computer remains protected at all times. Each task is containerized within a secure environment, preventing any risk to your data or device. With Kinesis, you can confidently contribute to our network without compromising your privacy or security.


Kinesis Network captures the power of idle GPUs from all over the world, turning them into a decentralized dynamo for AI solutions. Just as potential energy awaits conversion to kinetic, these GPUs possess untapped power. We harness this potential and turn it into an economical, decentralized GPU service for AI applications.